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FAA gives Amazon go-ahead on drone testing
03-19-2015: Amazon finally got the federal green light today to send its drones into the skies, but only as a test.
Why Proposed Pilots Bill Of Rights Could Affect Air Safety
03-11-2015: The introduction in the House and Senate of proposed legislation — known in the aviation community as PBOR 2 or Pilots Bill of Rights 2 — has received huge support among private pilots.
Aerotoxic Syndrome: Coroner calls for urgent action
02-23-2015: A UK coroner has submitted a report about toxic fumes in plane cabins to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) following an investigation into the death of British Airways pilot Richard Westgate, age 43. The report said people regularly exposed to fumes circulating in planes faced "consequential damage to their health.
FAA orders inspections of about 300 Enstrom helicopters following Colorado crash that killed 2
02-13-2015: The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded more than 300 Enstrom helicopters nationwide until they can be inspected for possible cracks like the one that may have caused a crash last month that killed two people in Colorado.
United faces $1.3M FAA fine for in-flight hazmat violations
01-28-2015: United Airlines is facing Federal Aviation Administration fines of $1.3 million stemming from at least 120 alleged violations involving hazardous material cargo on passenger flights, including several at Denver International Airport.
Drone Operator Settles Case With FAA for $1100 Fine
01-22-2015: An attorney for a drone operator who challenged the government's ban of commercial drone flights says his client has settled the case for an $1,100 fine.
Industry Balks at Requiring FAA OK To Surrender Repair Station Certificate
01-14-2015: A coalition of aviation trade associations petitioned the FAA on Friday to restore the right for a repair station to surrender its certificate voluntarily. In its new repair station rule, which became effective last November, the FAA took the unprecedented step of subjecting surrendered certificates to "acceptance for cancellation".
Industry to FAA: Repair Stations Know When to Fold 'Em
01-12-2015: On January 9, a coalition of aviation trade associations petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to restore the right to voluntarily surrender a repair station certificate.
FAA to Require Airlines Use Data to Prevent Accidents
01-07-2015: New federal rules announced Wednesday will require airlines to collect and analyze safety data in an effort to spot troubling trends and help prevent accidents.
When does a washer cost $317,500? When It is not installed...
01-05-2015: FAA is proposing a $317,500 civil penalty against United Air Lines, for allegedly operating an aircraft that was not in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

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