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Ban on drone photos harms free speech, say media outlets in challenge to FAA
05-06-2014:  Taking photos by drone allows the media to better report on fires, traffic and other important public issues so why has the government banned this type of photography?
New FAA rules on air ambulances to affect providers, increase safety
04-23-2014:  Vanderbilt LifeFlight officials applaud new rules issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration that will have a dramatic impact for all air ambulance operators and make the industry safer.
NTSB chief urges child-safety seats on planes
04-21-2014:  Deborah Hersman, departing chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, said Monday that "one of her great disappointments" was that child-safety seats aren't required on planes for young children.
FAA Requiring All Flights to Have GPS Tracking System by 2020
04-15-2014:  After a recent missing Malaysian Airlines flight, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to mandate GPS-based aircraft tracking on planes. According to 9 News, the FAA will require that all planes have a GPS tracking system called Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) radio network by 2020.
NTSB Urges FAA Oversight of Sightseeing Balloon Operators
04-11-2014:  Citing three hard landings that resulted in injuries and one fatality, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued recommendations that FAA assume oversight of sightseeing balloon operators, in the same way that it oversees airplane and helicopter tour operators.
Supreme Court: Airline can drop frequent flier
04-04-14:  The Supreme Court decided unanimously Wednesday that an airline had the right to dump a frequent flier who complained too much.  The decision allows airlines to have sole discretion to drop frequent fliers.
Chasing the Money for Air Crash Victims' Families in Beijing
04-03-2014:  Growing up in Peru in the 1970s, Monica R. Kelly, who specializes in aviation accidents, dreamed of becoming a diplomat and traveling the world.  But by the 1980s, violence was spreading at home with a guerrilla war waged by the Shining Path movement, and her family moved to the United States, forcing her to abandon her ambition to enter Peruvian government service.  She decided to realize her interest in international travel in a more unusual way: by flying around the world to meet and represent the families of air crash victims, one of a specialist band of aviation accident lawyers.
A Five-year-old 777-200LR Sees Early Retirement
04-01-2014:  A 777-200LR, built in 2009, has been retired by Air India. Air India cannibalises 777 named Maharashtra at Mumbai's Shivaji airport.  While the rumors mentioned on the website suggest it sustained hidden damage during a heavy landing, it's still notable that a modern 777 less than five years old is being cannibalized.

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Battery Fires on Planes Spur New Proposals
10-13-2014: An international team of aviation safety experts has called for sweeping changes in packaging and other safeguards to limit the fire hazard posed by bulk shipments of lithium batteries on commercial planes.
FAA Feedback: The Yellow Tag
10-07-2014: A question often asked as I travel around the country giving safety seminars is: Does a yellow tag satisfy the requirements of a maintenance release?
Your Word is Your Bond — Bonded Repair Size Limits Draft Policy
10-02-2014: A member has alerted ARSA to a draft policy from the FAA regarding Bonded Repair Size Limits that would require design approval holder (DAH) substantiation on any repairs developed by owners, operators, repair stations, Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), or engineering firms.
FAA Orders Replacement of Pilot Displays on Boeing Jets
09-30-2014: Federal regulators have ordered replacement of pilot displays on more than 1,300 Boeing Co. jets, including some of the newest 737 models, to prevent possible interference from Wi-Fi devices used in cockpits.
FAA: Dozens of Alaska aircraft mechanics must retake exams
09-28-2014: According to a formal notice issued last month by the Federal Aviation Administration, all individuals holding mechanic certificates with airframe or powerplant ratings (or both) who were tested by Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) Marty James Simmons of Anchorage must be re-examined.
Coalition of Aviation Groups Sends "Serious" Petition to FAA
09-23-2014: On Sept. 22, a coalition of aviation trade associations asked the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to fix a seven-letter mistake in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that would create serious headaches for the aviation maintenance industry.
Gulfstream faces $425,000 FAA fine over mechanic training
09-18-2014: The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a $425,000 civil penalty against Savannah-based Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Aviation Group Questions FAA Repair Station Rule
08-25-2014: Not everyone is convinced the FAA's recently issued final Part 145 rule, which governs maintenance of U.S.-registered aircraft, aligns with the intent of the original notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM).
FAA: Lithium Batteries Pose More Danger Than Thought
08-14-2014: New tests conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration suggest that lithium batteries pose more dangers to planes than previously thought.
ARSA Reviewing Amended Repair Station Regulations
08-13-2014: The FAA has issued amended repair station regulations that allow the agency to deny an application for a new repair station certificate if the applicant or certain associated key individuals had materially contributed to the circumstances that caused a previous repair station certificate revocation action.
FAA proposes S-92 oil pump failure prevention mandate
07-30-2014: The US Federal Aviation Administration has proposed to mandate a series of actions already recommended by Sikorsky aimed at preventing a main gearbox oil pump failure on the airframer's S-92 helicopter.
ARSA: FAA Agrees: Line Maintenance can be Major
07-29-2014: In a quick turnaround, the Aircraft Maintenance Division responded within two days to ARSA's question about airframe-rated repair stations with line maintenance authorization performing major repairs and alterations. The agency agreed with the association's interpretation that the CFR's definition of line maintenance does not imply a prohibition against non-specified activities.
FAA proposes $12 million fine against Southwest over repairs
07-28-2014: Southwest Airlines Co. may have to pay a $12 million penalty to the U.S. government for operating "numerous flights" in 2009 after being notified that repairs to its airplanes didn't live up to federal regulations.
Trade Associations Weigh in on Foreign Mx Drug Testing
07-23-2014: A coalition of aviation trade associations spoke out on behalf of the international maintenance, repair and overhaul market.
IG Concerned over FAA's Growing Backlog
07-04-2014:  The FAA's Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs) have a backlog of applications for certificates that concerns the Department of Transportation Inspector General's Office.

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