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Our Partners

Many businesses have been impressed with the risk management work of Aviation Alliance Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. We are proud to call the following businesses and organizations our partners, and we encourage you to seek out their service if you are ever in need.

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Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc.

Pinnacle is the independent actuarial firm for AAIRRG, engaged to provide actuarial loss cost projections and feasibility studies involving pro-forma projections. They've worked with the NTSB and other government agencies to provide a comprehensive loss cost study that includes 14 years of data provided by the NTSB, with litigation valuations provided by Rose Walker, LLP.

They will be engaged on an ongoing basis to provide loss reserve and consulting services to AAIRRG once the program is operational. Pinnacle ranks among the top 10 largest property and casualty actuarial firms in the United States. To learn more, visit their site.

Rose-Walker, LLP

Rose-Walker, LLP is one of the most respected aviation defense law firms in North America, dealing with aviation litigation worldwide. They are retained as general defense counsel for AAIRRG and will be leading all of the claims and defense work for us. To learn more, view relevant cases on their site.

Bryan Rose

Bryan Rose
Rose-Walker, LLP
E: brose@rosewalker.com

Martin E. Rose

Martin E. Rose
Rose-Walker, LLP
E: mrose@rosewalker.com

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ATTIC Captive Management Services, Inc.

ATTIC Captive Management Services, Inc. is the captive manager for our program. They provide all back office operations, including accounting, financial reporting, and insurance regulatory assistance. They are also the Montana home office and main address for the program.

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Sterling Risk

SterlingRisk is a leader in creating and administering successful affinity programs for associations and industry groups. Ranked among the nation’s top 25 privately held insurance brokers, we leverage our market clout and longstanding connections with the foremost insurance carriers to create unique programs that meet the needs of select associations or industry segments and deliver them at a price few associations (or businesses) could negotiate on their own.

The resulting SterlingRisk programs combine outstanding coverage, services, pricing and expert loss control to lower costs and improve the overall level of insurance protection for policyholders.

Visit Sterling Risk at their site.

Philip J. Metz
VP / Aviation Program Manager
SterlingRisk of Florida
E: pmetz@sterlingrisk.com
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